Merino Wool

What is it about those sheep?!

We often get asked why Live a Little products use Merino wool instead of cheaper synthetic alternatives. The simple and honest answer is nothing comes close to its performance and comfort!

We have been testing and refining our products on mountains and in competitions all around the world, in all kinds of weather: we’ve skied fast and slow, on ice and in powder, in blizzards and under a beating sun. This has helped us form a very precise opinion and has given us firm conclusions:

one; we still love being in the mountains and two; nothing comes close to merino wool to work when you need it!

Merino is special as it is so versatile. At Live a Little, merino wool is the key component we chose to use in our base layer system, which we designed with the need to perform in all situations, all year round. Quite simply nothing else we tested worked as well at keeping us warm and dry.

Merino insulates while wicking sweat away from the body to keep you warm in the cold, and cool in the heat. Live a Little Base Layer System will keep you warm, dry, and comfortable in all weather conditions in any season. Our high-performance Merino base layers are eco-friendly, breathable, naturally odor resistant, and non-itchy, offering superior comfort and perfect fit, during all activities and adventures. Regardless of circumstance, nothing compares to the comfort of Merino next to your skin.

Since merino has a self cleaning property you do not have to wash it very often that makes it the smartest environmental friendly thing to wear.

We source and buy our Merino from New Zealand and its guaranteed mulesing free. Find out more about our yarn here

Paired up correctly with a layering system it provides some of the best breathability possible, when you are too hot it helps you cool down and in cold conditions it keeps you warm.

When considering merino products it is also worth thinking about the cut as well as the weight characteristics. For example, we have added different panels in most of our merino products to give maximum movement, fit and comfort, our tops are a little bit longer to keep the functionality around the waist, flatlock seams to be as smooth to your skin and no internal tabs which could cause itching or irritation.

Another advantage to merino is that it can also be more than just ‘active’ wear. Merino is often considered to be a base layer only and designed to give you the insulation and breathability that you need when you are ripping around the mountain, but the added benefit of choosing merino is that it also works as a casual layer, for those days chilling with friends or simply curled up with a good book.

At Live a Little we have created all our merino products with our ‘positive energy’ design, so everyone has the option to have a merino product that not only focuses on performance, but will also give unique design and style!

Washing instructions

Merino wool doesn’t need to be washed very often. When required, machine wash in a normal cool or warm cycle. Wash with similar colors, use wool detergent, do not use bleach or softener. Air or line dry out of the sun.


Our merino wool Ski and Snowboard socks are made to function the best way for full happy days in the mountains. The bonus is that they are environmental friendly as well and produced locally in Sweden. The merino wool meets the standards, BLUE SIGN, Global Organic Textile Standard and Öko-tex. Wool always has to go through an anti-felting process in production and usually this is where chlorides are used. We are using a process where its no harmful chlorides/pollutants used instead natural salts an oxidation agent. We call it Ex-pollution and it’s a reWOOLution!