Q: What country is the merino wool from?

A: New Zealand, and its mulesing free!

Q: Where are the socks produced?

A: In Sweden, with blue sign fabrics.

Q: Do you have Live a little stickers?

A: Yes you can order them on our online store, right here on this very website.

Q: How do I find my size?

A: Just click here, and you will be taken to our size guide!

Q: How are the sizes?

A: Very accurate, rather medium loose fit than tight. When in bigger size it's not just bulkier, it's proportionally longer in body and arms.

Q: Where are the base layer produced?

A: We buy raw spun yarn from Sudwolle, the wool is from New Zealand and is bio/eco certified. The fabrics are woven in Lithuania, where its also dyed, cut and sewn to perfection.

Q: What fabric is it in the classic crocheted beanies?

A: Recycled acrylic from textile fabrics.

Q: What is "Positive Energy Design"?

A: The combination of perfectly fitted, functional products for outdoor sports, together with our color matching.

Q: Where can I buy your products?

A: Only here on the Live a Little offical website.